Updates in October

A quick update about the current situation.

Hey everyone, it's been a while, we have some news for you!

First of all, we managed to finish the core features of our development app, so we are moving ahead with full steam this time. The current plan is to have the zones of Legion Expansion sorted out. We need to fix a bunch of NPC movement and placement in the first place. After that we are intend to look into the in-game gameobjects and after that we will start fixing the legion quest chain.

As you may know we are pretty low in terms of developer numbers, so if you are interested in helping us out, please feel free to apply here:
Apply Now
As soon as we have something new to share about the zones and the server in general, we will let you know!
See you around.
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Hunter and Warlock general spells

Hunter and the warlock class joins to the list of fixed classes as well! We are super happy about our progress so far as warrior, shaman, paladin, demon hunter, warlock, hunter, rogue, priest, druid, mage classes are all being worked on.

Full changelog can be found on the changelog page.

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Rogue General Spells

We are incredibly happy to announce that the rogue class is now ready for future testing as all general spells have been fixed. In case you found a bug regarding those, please let us know on our Discord.

Full changelog can be found here: link
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Staff Wanted: C++ Developer, SAI Developer and more

We are looking for volunteers who are willing to help us in the development process. You can apply on our Discord and the positions can be found here.

We feel it is important for you guys to know what do we expect from You and what can you expect from us during the time you decided to help us, so here are the basics. What we expect:

  • A minimum of 17 years of age
  • Passion for games, including World of Warcraft
  • Open mind
  • Respectful behaviour towards fellow staff members and community
  • In case of you are applying for a developer role: a solid knowledge of the programming language and the TrinityCore emulator
What can you expect from all this: Unfortunately we can not hand out official signed papers of all this, but the following things can help you if you are interested in working in the gaming, logistics industry in real life:
  • Programming, graphic design or social media handling experience
  • No working hours
  • Friendly & respectful behaviour towards You from our staff members

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The end of 2016!

We want to thank everybody who contributed in our 2016 period with valuable feedback and bug report. If you are interested in the details, please click on the Read More button.

2016 has been an extremly though year for us. We gathered all the resources we need in order to operate World of Warcraft Legion private server for the sake of our beloved community. So far we managed to fix hundreds of spells and core server issues which could greatly impact on gameplay experience and we think that is a great progress as we are just the team of three. Oh, before we forget to mention, we do have open volunteer positions if you are interested in helping us, those can be found here: link

Milestones of 2016:

  • 2016. October. 8-27: Creating the basics of the server infrastructure and planning our business model
  • 2016. November. 1: The Silverwing Server Officially Launched
  • 2016. November. 4: Fixed all general spells of Mages
  • 2016. November. 15: Fixed all general spells of Demon Hunters
  • 2016. November. 20: Fixed all general spells of Warrior
  • 2016. November. 28: Fixed all general spells of Paladin
  • 2016. December. 14: New website was launched
  • 2016. December. 18: Fixed all general spells of Druid
  • 2016. December. 22: Started working on the Priest class
  • NOW: Finishing the general spells of Priest

A total of 151 account has been created alongside with a 276 characters. Obviously this is not too many but considering our server is still in Alpha, it is a great number.

Of course as time goes on you guys expect us to fix even more things which we intend to do in the year of 2017. As the Paladin, Warrior, Mage, Druid, Demon Hunter, and we are making the final touches on the priest class right now regarding general spells. Important to note that we will finish the talent spells after all of the general spells have been fixed!

We are incredibly thankful for those who contributed anything into this server. You are the heart of this community and we wish you will be here helping us in the upcoming year as well! Thank you guys!

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