A place where friendliness, community and World of Warcraft meet.

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Entertainment > Money

Our emphasis will be on the entertainment and enjoyment rather than the money and business.

For the Community!

We focus on the well-being of our community.

Gift for the firsts!

We will be giving away awesome gifts for the players who participate in the alpha.

Silverwing PurePvP (Alpha)

(Instant lvl 110)

Players Online:


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Want to have a chat with your fellow community members? We have a Discord server where you guys can chat with each other and with us. We are up to answering some questions.

You can even request a voice and text channel for you and your guild. We are really into growing our community!


Silverwing Alpha - Changelog. Here you can find all of our most recent updates. Please bear in mind that the list might not be full!

UPDATE PACK - 28/11/16 20:00 CET
UPDATE PACK - 26/11/16 11:00 CET
UPDATE PACK - 20/11/16 16:00 CET
UPDATE PACK - 18/11/16 11:00 CET
UPDATE PACK - 15/11/16 16:00 CET
UPDATE PACK - 13/11/16 18:00 CEST
UPDATE PACK - 12/11/16 19:00 CEST
UPDATE PACK - 10/11/16 20:00 CEST
UPDATE PACK - 08/11/16 21:00 CEST
UPDATE PACK - 07/11/16 23:00 CEST
UPDATE PACK - 06/11/16 10:00 CEST
UPDATE PACK - 04/11/16 23:00 CEST
UPDATE PACK - 04/11/16 18:00 CEST
UPDATE PACK - 03/11/16 21:00 CEST
UPDATE PACK - 02/11/16 16:00 CEST

Join us now!

Registration is free and it will stay that way forever! Your password should be more than 6 characters long!

New Community Event:

As we promised we are going to schedule a community event for you guys to keep yourselves occupied while we are working on the server. The first community event is called Demon Invasion!

Demon Invasion is about killing demons that are located in the Broken Isles for a chance to loot Brief History of the Ages

Countdown for the event start: