General Questions (4)

All you need to know about the Silverwing WoW Server.

Basically everybody has the option to participate in our alpha-test-phase. All you need to do is to register and play!
It's super easy, you just have to download our client which can be found on the how to connect site.
Love & respect. We are always happy to see players testing our fixes and trying to communicate with us for the sake of everybody. We are going to give those players an in-game reward as we are out of the alpha stage.
The focus is on the PvP content currently, meaning spells and battlegrounds will be fixed as soon as possible and if we are done with these issues we are going to fix PvE related content (probably using a different realm).

Other Questions (2)

The answers on most common questions are described below.

We are currently looking into possible ways to gather data from already used characters from a different realm. It's a very complicated process as of today and the focus is not on this right now, but of course, it's not off the table at all, we just need some time to figure everything out.
Please report only spell and battleground related bugs on our Discord!


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